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8101TS Pre-loaded MP3 Player Recorder with Early Childhood Songs

The ability to download and/or create audio files has made podcasting a revolutionary step in education. From assisting beginning readers with early fluency to ESL students with group listening of an audio book, students are able to participate in new ways that inspire learning. The Califone MP3 player is ideal for nurturing active language learning & reading skills, ELL, ELD applications and listening to recorded books and music.

For these new readers, Califone has collaborated with Twin Sisters Productions (the leader in children's educational music) to pre-load four of their best-selling CDs* onto its MP3 player. The albums were selected by a nationally certified teacher/trainer and cover a broad range of material.

With the built-in microphone on the MP3 player, teachers can readily create differentiated material for each student, who can practice and make their own recordings for a permanent record or for publishing via a podcast. Podcasting is a great way to expand learning beyond the classroom or library, and at the same time actively engage students in a new way through this accessible and exciting new modality. A rapidly increasing number of teachers and students have been actively using podcasting.

Unlike consumer brands, the Califone MP3 player/recorder is designed for the unique demands within schools by teachers for students. From a safety perspective, it is the first MP3 player built with rugged ABS plastic so it can't shatter into potentially sharp shards. Hearing preservation is also important, which is why we've integrated Sentinel TechnologyTM to restrict the volume playback to the ASHA recommended level of 85dB when used with its 8100-HP headphone. Dual headphone jacks enable multiple students in class, or a teacher or parent.

  • Dual 3.5mm jacks connect two headphones

  • Built-in mic can't get lost

  • Right angle plug resists accidental pull-out

  • Bright LCD screen

  • Ambient noise-reducing earcups

  • USB connector transfers tracks to computer

  • 512MB internal memory

  • External casing made with rugged ABS plastic for safety

  • Max. playback volume level of 85dB with its 8100-HP headphones

Twin Sisters content

For ages 4-7
Award-winning songs teach initial consonant sounds. Kids hear letter sounds in a catchy rhythm, then repeat words that have that initial consonant sound. In the review section children say the letter sound after being prompted.

In the Vowel Song, fun characters like Cat on the Mat or the Pig with a Wig help kids learn long vowel sounds. Then, with the 50s twist, kids will learn the short vowel sounds. All long and short vowels are taught, including "y" as a vowel!

Songs make daily speech practice fun and easy. At home, school, or even in the car, follow the Speechercise leaders through the musical workout:
* Warm up with silly yet important basic mouth movements
* Songs and drills that focus on basic vowel and consonant sounds, complex vowel-consonant transitions, and advanced word level strings
* Silly song tongue twisters to end the practice workout

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