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1886PLC-6 6-Position Spirit SD Stereo Listening Center

The 6-person Spirit SD Learning Center offers outstanding stereo sound in a portable system. With its built-in SD card slot and USB port, it's made to work with the latest formats as well as the teacher-tested CD player, cassette recorder / player, & AM-FM radio. It's ideal for group or individual reading activities, literacy, ELD, ESL, and other language learning programs.

  • Spirit SD Multimedia Player

    • Stereo CD/ cassette player/recorder
    • AM/FM radio with four speakers loud enough for 40 students
    • Headphone jack for individual and group listening center
    • Permanently attached 5 cord for classroom safety

* Foam-lined carry / storage case with extra room for recorded materials is ideal for itinerant teachers and roving AVcarts

  • Ten-position stereo jackbox with individual volume controls

  • Six 3068AV Stereo Headphones

    • Mono/Stereo for multiple applications
    • Individual volume controls for personalized preferences
    • 6' coiled cord with 3.5mm plug, snap-on 1/4 adapter
    • Noise-reducing earcups lower ambient noise so volume does not need to be played at high levels
    • One year warranty for school use - unlike items purchased from consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if used in schools.